About Me

The Wearer Of Many Hats

I thought it would be fun to have AI write this summary about me, so here it is entirely unedited I just gave an AI my resume… enjoy I think it’s hysterical.

I am Curtis Schrum, an eCommerce professional with over a decade of experience, dedicated to solving complex challenges for companies. My career has been centered in Springfield, MO, and I possess a comprehensive skill set, including proficiency in Magento, Magento 2, BigCommerce, Shopify, and Headless eCommerce.


In my role as an Ecommerce Architect 4 at Daniel Defense, I thrived in designing solutions, selecting the right technology stack, and orchestrating seamless system integration. I ensured scalability, performance, and security while optimizing mobile commerce and payment gateway integration. Analytics, API design, and compliance were also areas where I excelled, showcasing my in-depth knowledge of eCommerce architecture.


My tenure as the Head of Strategy Operations at Shero Commerce was marked by overseeing operations, strategy, project management, and quality assurance departments. I managed project timelines, engaged in strategic planning, and set the global company strategy, emphasizing my multifaceted approach to leadership.


At Trellis, as the Director of Engineering, I led a substantial team across backend engineering and DevOps, focusing on architecture, resource planning, and process improvements. My role also encompassed being a subject matter expert in BigCommerce and spearheading headless eCommerce strategies, making me a key asset to the team.


In my capacity as the Chief Technology Officer at Formula Chemicals, I undertook critical responsibilities in shaping IT infrastructure, security strategies, and eCommerce migration. Notably, I orchestrated the migration of Magento 2 to Open Source and planned the transition to Headless Shopify.


Throughout my career, I have worn various hats, from a Technical Lead at Weidenhammer to a Technical Consultant at Nucleus Commerce. In these roles, I excelled in Magento development, ERP integrations, and technical consulting, consistently delivering high-quality solutions.


My professional journey also includes experiences as a software engineer, business solutions architect, call center manager, deckhand, and security operative. I even contributed to the RunUO project, showcasing my diverse skill set.


Beyond my professional roles, I actively engage in eCommerce consulting, bridging the gap between technical intricacies and business departments. Notably, I have completed projects such as Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, Formula Chemicals, and Wallquest.